Beijing's Best Burgers

Plan B Burger - The classic burger: cheese, tomato, pickles and lettuce - RMB 50

Plan B Double Burger - Two patties - RMB 80

Spicy Chili Burger - A thick, juicy patty topped with our award-winning chili, jalapenos and cheese - RMB 60

Bacon Cheese Burger - The classic Plan B burger with two slices of bacon - RMB 60

Bronco Burger - A thick, juicy patty topped with cheese, bacon, jalapenos, fried onions and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce - RMB 60

Mushroom Cheese Burger - Mushrooms smothered in double the cheese with lettuce and tomatoes - RMB 60

Blue Cheese Burger - Our classic Plan B burger drenched in our house made blue cheese sauce - RMB 60

Lamb Burger - A thick, juicy lamb patty topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes and homemade honey mustard sauce - RMB 60

Poutine Slopper - Perhaps the world's greatest food invention: Grilled bun, burger patty, cheese, a pile of fries, more cheese, smothered  in gravy and a bun on the side to slop it all up at the end. Go from proper to slopper! - RMB 60